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Heat pump emergency heat or aux heat

The emergency heat function, often referred to as “auxiliary heat,” is a feature in heat pump systems designed to provide supplemental heating when the heat pump cannot meet the heating demand efficiently. It should be used in specific situations:

  1. Extreme Cold Temperatures: One common situation where you might need to use the emergency heat function is during cold weather (at or below 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit). Heat pumps become less efficient as the outdoor temperature drops. When the heat pump struggles to extract enough heat from the cold air, the auxiliary heat, usually electric resistance heating, can provide the additional warmth needed to maintain indoor comfort. You may consider switching to emergency heat when the outdoor temperature falls significantly below the balance point of your heat pump system (usually around 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit).
  2. Heat Pump Malfunction: If your heat pump is not working correctly and you’re not getting any heat, you can use the emergency heat function temporarily while waiting for repairs. This ensures you still have a heat source in your home, although it may be less energy-efficient and more costly.
  3. Testing or Troubleshooting: You may also use the emergency heat function during routine maintenance or troubleshooting to isolate issues with the heat pump. For example, if you’re checking the heat pump’s performance, you can temporarily engage the emergency heat to see if it’s operating correctly.

Emergency heat should not be used as the primary heating mode under normal circumstances. Electric resistance heating is significantly less energy-efficient and more expensive than the heat pump. It’s designed for use in emergencies or when the heat pump cannot meet the heating demand due to extremely low temperatures.

To engage the emergency heat function, you can usually switch your thermostat to the “Emergency Heat” or “Aux Heat” mode.

In summary, the emergency heat function should be used sparingly and primarily in extreme cold situations or when there’s a problem with the heat pump. Regularly maintaining and servicing your heat pump can help ensure it operates efficiently in most weather conditions.

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With this extreme cold, we are experiencing, it will be necessary for our customers with heat pumps to switch their thermostats to emergency/auxiliary heat for the next few days or until temperatures rise above freezing. If you do not know if you have a heat pump but your heat is not working, check outside to see if your outdoor unit is frozen.

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